Google Loses Against Groovle


Google took its case against Groovle to an arbitration board, which ruled that Google and Groovle are different enough not to cause the confusion that Google is worried about.

According to the Register Google took its case to the National Arbitration Forum, a body that has long been considered the people to talk to if you’re in trouble with similar domain names. The National Arbitration Forum ruled that Google’s complaint, that Groovle is “confusingly similar” to Google, wasn’t a valid one. Indeed, the whole thing quickly devolves into fairly open comedy from that point.

Google claims that, “Registrant is clearly using Complainant’s famous GOOGLE Mark to attract internet users to its own website for commercial gain … The fame and unique qualities of the GOOGLE Mark make it extremely unlikely that the Registrant created the Domain Name independently … but clearly selected the Domain Name because of the confusingly similarity[sic] to the Google mark.”

Groovle’s response asserts that, “There is no misspelling of GOOGLE involved. The Disputed Domain Name contains and important ‘R’ and important ‘V’ that serve to distinguish the sound, appearance, meaning, and connotation of GROOVLE from GOOGLE. The addition of the ‘R’ and the ‘V’ clearly make the predominant word and meaning ‘GROOVE’ or ‘GROOVY’ rather than GOOGLE.”

They stop just short of challenging Google to find someone who has been confused by and, but it feels as though it weren’t far off. We’re also very impressed by the manner in which Groovle outlined the importance of its various letters.


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