YouTube Wants More of Your Time


YouTube might well serve over a billion videos a day, but it turns out the average user only spends fifteen minutes a day on the service… something that YouTube wants to rectify.

According to the New York Times, the folks at YouTube are working on tightening up the suggested videos that the video streaming service shows its users in an attempt to have them spend more time on the site per day. YouTube’s director of product management, Hunter Walk, aside from having a very impressive name, is working on the problem, and he sees telly as the model to emulate, saying,

“Our average user spends 15 minutes a day on the site. They spend about five hours in front of the television. People say ‘YouTube is so big,’ but I really see that we have a ways to go.”

So, it seems that for YouTube the aim isn’t enough to become one of the biggest and most recognisable names on the web, but to supplant television itself. It’s nice to see that they’re not aiming low, but the fact that YouTube’s average video length is so much shorter than standard TV programs is going to make that a fairly tall order instead.

For now, it seems that YouTube is content to start pushing out better and more accurate suggestions based on its viewers tastes, a problem so big that Netflix made a for-cash competition in an attempt to sort it out, and that went on for a year.


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One Response to “YouTube Wants More of Your Time”

  1. TheChrisD Says:

    They want people to spend more time on the site? Well then they should increase the video time limit! People won’t spend more than 15 minutes there if the video itself can only go on for 11 of them…

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