Apple to Delay Boot Camp for Win7


It seems that Apple has missed its projected date for adding Windows 7 support to its Boot Camp arrangement for those of its users looking to run a Windows partition, delaying the update.

Apple had previously stuck to its official word that Boot Camp support would be available at some point in 2009, saying that, “Apple will support Microsoft Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate) with Boot Camp in Mac OS X Snow Leopard before the end of the year. This support will require a software update to Boot Camp.” That statement was originally released in October of last year, during the same month as Windows 7 launched.

Now though, with 2009 just over, it seems that Windows 7 support for Boot Camp may not quite be at the top of Apple’s list of priorities. Indeed, the word from AppleInsider is that the update to Boot Camp is still undergoing some testing.

Of course, there have been those quick to question the apparent delay of an official option for those looking to Boot Camp Microsoft’s latest OS, with some intimating that there could be some issue with getting Windows 7 running elegantly alongside Apple’s own OS. Still, with many people already cheerfully running Windows 7 alongside Mac OS using Boot Camp already, it seems as though the issue may just be some relatively simple delays in development.

Under it all though, it’s hard not to wonder about statements to the effect that Windows 7 installs that go poorly through Boot Camp can end up having a pronounced negative effect not only on the Windows side, but also on Mac OS itself. Strange stuff.


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One Response to “Apple to Delay Boot Camp for Win7”

  1. Kevin Says:

    It’s odd because I’ve got Win7 on my Macbook Pro (late-2008 unibody model) and it runs great. More then great, actually. I use it to play Steam games like Team Fortress 2 etc…. but I know others who’ve run into huge issues with the Snow Leopard install after running Win7.

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