France to Disconnect Illegal Downloaders


France’s controversial new law covering the disconnection of internet users found to be guilty of illegally downloading copyrighted material is now in effect.

The Pirate Bay's logo remains the go-to image for piracy news 😉

According to the BBC’s article on the law, those who are found to be illegally downloading content will initially be sent an email to warn them to cease their illicit activities. Those who continue to flaunt the law will be sent a plain-old snail-mail letter to inform them of their position. Should that fail to convince users to stop downloading, they’ll be brought before a judge and face either a fine or potential disconnection.

The law has attracted a lot of criticism from those who feel that the ability to disconnect people from the internet entirely is somewhat heavy handed. Indeed, it seems as though those in favour of the new law are of the opinion that it is precisely the harshness of the punishment that will prove the laws strongest feature.

French senator, Michel Thiolliere said in favour of the newly introduced law, “The internet is a fabulous world, but it needs rules, if you want to get cinema, music or video games in the future … What we think is after the first message… about two thirds of the people (will) stop their illegal usages of the internet.”

With that in mind, it seems as though subscription-based and advertisement supported media services like Spotify could be poised to make a killing in France.


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3 Responses to “France to Disconnect Illegal Downloaders”

  1. Joe Murphy Says:

    This has nothing to do with ‘those who are found to be illegally downloading content’:

    “… fails to guarantee the right to a due process. Instead of giving sanction powers to an executive agency… it makes possible to judge copyright infringements and order Internet cutoff through a “simplified judicial procedure”. This procedure does not include any contradictory debate or public hearing, and all kind of prior judicial investigation will be left out.”

    ‘Evidence’ is IP numbers collected by third parties. The entertainment industry has previously tried to prosecute a laser printer.

    “Moreover, the Internet cutoff can be ordered as a complement for a standard fine for “negligence” in securing one’s Internet access. ”

    So if you want to offer public access via your wireless router, and someone else downloads a Britney MP3, you’re responsible.

    And let’s not forget Sarkozy’s genuine respect for copyright:

  2. Joe Murphy Says:

    “Hadopi, the French agency charged with handling file-sharers’ copyright digressions, has just made a huge infringement faux pas of its own. Last week the group unveiled the logo which is set to represent this bastion of copyright righteousness, but embarrassingly it was designed with unlicensed fonts.”

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