ITG Shows Off Windows XP Phone


Chinese tech firm ITG has built a phone based on an AMD “super mobile CPU” boasting a 4.8-inch touch-sensitive display and running a full copy of Microsoft’s Windows XP.

I'm not sure why it's so attractive... but somehow, it is.

With Windows XP still being quite widely used, despite the fact it’s tipping the scales at eight years old now, it seemed inevitable that lower-end machines would be running it for some time. Still, we can’t help but be a little impressed by ITG’s Windows XP phone, which manages to run a full version of Windows XP and boast a relatively impressive battery life around the 7-12 hour mark if it’s actually under use.

Of course, it’s been pointed out fairly quickly that the phone won’t run just any old Windows applications, but it should stretch to taking care of just about anything you’ll need it to as long as it’s not too hardware intensive. It’s also a bit of a slap in the face to both Apple’s App Store and the Google Android Market, given that pretty much all of the major smartphones floating around at the moment are boasting their own App Marketplaces.

Perhaps even more interesting though, is the hardware inside the ITG phone, which we’re told includes an “AMD super mobile CPU,” up to 1GB of RAM, a solid-state drive between 8GB and 64GB or a standard hard drive up to 120GB… not bad for a device that weighs in at 400g… but then, that’s nearly half a kilo, so it could well be a little too heavy to see use as a replacement for most phones.

Still, always nice to have the option.

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