Blu-Ray Gets Capacity Bump


Sony and Panasonic have managed to bump up the maximum amount of storage space on a single layer of a Blu-Ray disc, leading to a disc that can store up to 33.4GB on one layer.

At the moment, the limit on capacity for a single layer is somewhere around the 25GB mark, which means that dual layer discs have just jumped from an already respectable 50GB or so right up to 66GB, an increase of more than 20%. Of course, having researched the kit and actually being able to sell it are two very different things indeed, and we’ll be curious to see just how long it takes to push so significant a storage increase out to market.

Sony is already moving on new, higher capacity Blu-Ray discs, with a plan in place to present the new technology to the Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA) in coming months. Once that’s done, presuming the new arrangement is given the g ahead by the BDA, then we can expect to see discs with capacities of up to 66.8GB hitting shelves relatively soon, which is no mean feat.

If nothing else, it’s interesting to see Sony and Panasonic managing to up the ante on disc-based storage, especially when you consider that Blu-Ray, as a format, has been with us for four years already. Indeed, in the time it’s been around, the Blu-Ray standard has seen far less widespread adoption than DVD, a figure that’s likely to disappoint some of the folks behind the high-capacity disc standard.

Still, Blu-Ray adoption is on the rise, and with more and more people sinking their money into high-definition displays, the demand for Blu-Ray content is likely to continue its upward trend. The ability to pack more onto the disc is only really a good thing, in that respect.

If you’d like to check out the way the higher capacity discs work, you’d do well to take a look over at TomsHardware.


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