Facebook Testing User Moderation


Facebook is moving towards a user-policed model in an attempt to make its content arrangement a little more efficient and a little easier to manage.

Word comes from InsideFacebook of the change, which sees Facebook moving towards a crowd-sourced model for conten moderation. Apparently, Facebook has created an app called Facebook Commuinity Council, which boasts as its motto, “To harness the power and intelligence of Facebook users to support us in keeping Facebook a trusted and vibrant community.”

For now, it seems that Facebook is keeping nice and quiet about it, but the social networking giant did respond to the inquiries about the nature of the Facebook Community Council, saying that,

“The Facebook Community Council is a way for users to tell us whether reported content violates our policies. We’ve found that people aren’t shy about reporting content they come across that looks suspicious, and this is just another way of leveraging the Facebook community to help maintain the site’s trusted environment. It’s still in an experimental stage, and we’re currently testing the application with only a very small number of users.”

For now, it seems that most of what there is floating around concerning the Facebook Community Council is based on information coming from the select group of users that Facebook has decided to involve in its testing for the self-policing content-control model. If nothing else, we’ll be curious to see how well it works out. While ideas like this often seem fantastic in principle, they can very often boil down to fairly petty bickering, regardless of the “power and intelligence” of the users involved.

That said, if Facebook manages to have its users police themselves, it’ll save itself a fortune in time and effort put towards cleaning up minor messes made by users uploading content that oversteps the bounds of its terms of service.


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