Lenovo Debuts Skylight Smartbook


Lenova is showing off its latest device, the “smartbook” it’s calling the Skylight, and managing to whip up plenty of positive responses too.

The Skylight is billed as being somewhere between a netbook and a smartphone, though at 10.1” it seems to trend far closer to the netbook side of things than that name might imagine. It boasts a fairly standard netbook-styled keyboard too, but under the skin it’s a lot closer to a smartphone than most of the other netbooks on the market. It doesn’t run Windows either, which is an interesting starting point, considering the current situation in the netbook market, which had a fairly brief flirtation with Linux before returning to Windows.

Instead, the Skylight runs an elegant looking Windows arrangement on one of Qualcomm’s much talked about 1GHz Snapdragon processors. The fact that it’s not quite a smartphone or a netbook seems to have been very kind indeed to the battery life, which Lenovo estimates at around the 10 hour mark, which isn’t bad at all.

In the US, it’s scheduled to launch at $499, but for now there’s no word on just if, when and how much it’ll be in Europe. We’re optimistic though, it looks like a solid device, and the keyboard looks to be very much like the one on Samsung’s N210 (of which we’ve been most jealous).

In the meantime, we’re left to wonder about its custom OS, which we’ve seen little enough of to be intrigued. Its Mac OS style dock is pleasant enough, but the fact that all of the icons in the shots we’ve seen on it so far match so well lends it a pleasant uniformity. I know it gets said every time someone builds something new, but could this be the time Linux finally catches on with the mainstream crowd?


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