Spotify/Google Combo Stillborn?


Those who had been hoping to hear something about a Google-Spotify teamup at Google’s announcement later today will likely be sorely disappointed, according to recent reports.

It seems that rumours of a deal between Google and Spotify to coincide with what’s expected to be the official announcement of Google’s Nexus One handset later today could well have been premature, with Media Mverick pointing to one obvious problem that any such deal would have – there’s a distinct lack of music available to Spotify in the US.

Apparently, the issue comes from the fact that record companies in the US have already been burned by the promise of advertising supported free-music services, with subscription options available. Indeed, there has already been a raft of music services that have failed where Spotify aims to succeed… unfortunately, that’s unlikely if Spotify can’t come up with the goods to back its service in the US, which makes the whole process a bit chicken-and-egg.

For now, it seems that major publishers in the US aren’t really into Spotify at all, reducing the likelihood that the service will manage to gain any real traction there, to say nothing of any crossover with Google. Still, we’ll be curious to see, now that Apple has acquired, just what Google will be doing on the music front, if it chooses to continue down that road.

Of course, with all the criticism of Spotify’s business model floating around, the one thing that nobody seems to have pointed out so far is that plain-old radio is an advertising-based music model… seems to be going alright for them.

Last minute update: For those who missed it over Christmas, Spotify works in Ireland again. Isn’t life lovely?

Second update: Apparently Spotify is only working for some Irish users after Christmas. Anyone else been lucky?


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One Response to “Spotify/Google Combo Stillborn?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    No free version for me. I can’t change my location on the site, presumably because I abused the system by having someone login for me in Belfast every 2 weeks. Grooveshark is free, and has more music, though 🙂

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