Facebook Blocks Deletion Service


Facebook has moved to block a service offering what it calls “Web 2.0 suicide” by deleting all traces of your online profile.

The service, which calls itself, the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine, boasts the ability to erase profiles from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as MySpace, though it seems that, apart from music, MySpace itself is probably close enough to being dead for it not to matter as much. Still, it’s interesting to see Facebook moving the block the service altogether.

The BBC notes that, in truth, the service doesn’t actually “delete” the various different profiles that people have built themselves, but in reality the service simply logs into an account, “unfriends” everyone you know and then changes the password, rendering the account inaccessible. It’s a relatively simple process, but still, one made more interesting for the fact that Facebook has moved to block it.

Facebook’s claim, it seems, is that the service violates its terms of “Statements of Rights and Responsibilities” because it effectively gathers up a vast number of different users login details, passwords included. Moreover, the service could, theoretically at least, use its army of dead accounts for evil, though we’re not entirely sure just how that’d work… a Facebook botnet-effort seems a very strange thing to have indeed.

Facebook’s statement on the whole business has been that it, “provides the ability for people who no longer use the site to either deactivate their account or delete it completely… We’re currently investigating and considering whether to take further action.”


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