Sony Moving to SD Standard?


Sony has taken the time at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to announce its own line of branded SD cards for portable devices.

Word of the move comes from TomsGuide, which fairly openly questions whether this means the end for Sony’s line of Memory Sticks. Sony has been using its own proprietary flash memory cards for pretty much as long as we can remember, but it seems that the Memory Stick (and its various different cohorts) aren’t quite dead yet. Indeed, Sony intends the range of SD cards to “complement” its Memory Sticks.

Still, it’s interesting to see Sony moving into the wider flash-based storage market, we’ll be curious to see how well the move pans out for them. The company is set to release its own SD cards, SDHC cards in flavours up to 32GB and Micro SD/MicroSDHC up to 8GB, which isn’t too bad at all. If nothing else, the fact that Sony is such a massive name in consumer electronics will likely see it well received.

Sony’s official word on the matter has been that, “The new cards will complement Sony’s existing Memory Stick line, satisfying the needs of a broader range of users, and strengthening Sony’s position as a full line media supplier.” Not a bad way of putting it at all, but one has to wonder when we’ll start to see more Sony devices appear with support for open-standard cards.

So far there’s no word on just when we can expect to see them in Europe, but we’d imagine they’ll make their way over here in relatively short order.


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2 Responses to “Sony Moving to SD Standard?”

  1. Famous Electronics Says:

    Great. Yet another format change that we all have to pay for. It’s called planned obsolesence and the major electronics manufacturers do it all the time.

    • komplettie Says:

      SD isn’t a format change though, it’s a move to an open format that’s been around for years and most people are already using… it’s actually a money-saver for most people 🙂

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