Windows 7 “Godmode” Only the Beginning


It seems that word that people are using the Windows 7 “GodMode” settings panel trick has reached right back to Microsoft, with the revelation that there are plenty of other similar shortcuts.

Cnet managed to score an interview with Microsoft’s Windows division president, Steven Sinofsky, who was fairly happy to talk about the recently uncovered GodMode tweak in some detail. According to Sinofsky, the aim with tweaks like GodMode is to provide easy access to a plethora of settings for developers who might conceivably need to test everything in as little time as possible.

It’s curious that Microsoft hasn’t been a little more public about these shortcuts, especially considering the general usefulness of the GodMode one for getting to settings panes from… well, just about anywhere in as little time as possible. Moreover, the fact that everything is condensed into one place with the GodMode means that it’s useful not only for developers and power users, but for some who just plain don’t like nested menus for their settings.

Of course, it’s entirely reasonable that the folks at Microsoft just didn’t think people would be interested in attaching long strings of bizarre text to the end of folder names for the sake of some convenience when it comes to getting at settings faster.

Anwyay, in his interview with Cnet, Sinofsky gave them a full list of the different strings that can be attached to the end of folder names to make them do unusual things. It’s well worth a look, and you can check out the full list here.

Of course, probably best not trying these on Windows Vista after the trouble the GodMode tweak caused for some Vista users.


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3 Responses to “Windows 7 “Godmode” Only the Beginning”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Cool, trying out the Infinite Money mode now! XD

  2. nutterguy Says:

    Please read and re think this as news.

    This isn’t news, new or even truthful…

    • komplettie Says:

      It’s news to a lot of people who are having fun with the whole GUID idea, especially for those of us who do prefer to have options in lists 🙂 Though your point is well made, I’ve unlabelled it news and dropped it under “how to” instead.

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