Democratic Daybreaker – Vote on a Discount


Good afternoon all, we’re just coming to the end of what they’re calling “the first week” of “the big freeze” and hoping it doesn’t get too much worse over the next couple of days. In the interim, we’re running a vote to see what product we discount next week as our Democratic Daybreaker.

For those who haven’t seen our Decomacatic Daybreaker before, every week we like to offer a group of products that people can vote on to see discounted the following week. The device that wins will end up being price dropped this coming Thursday for 24 hours. It’s nice and easy, all you guys have to do to vote is leave a comment with the name of the one you want discounted, drop us a line on Twitter or leave a post about it on our forum over at

This week’s potential discounts are:

Samsung N110 netbook (white) – from €279 to €249

Samsung 40” LCD-TV LE40B550 – from €676.21 to €604.86

Vuzix iWear AV31Widescreen – from €158.34 to €149.69

Sapphire Radeon HD 5750 1GB – from €138.42 to €122.43


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One Response to “Democratic Daybreaker – Vote on a Discount”

  1. James Sullivan Says:

    what about getting upgraded version of the Iwear maybe the vr920 promotion. Otherwise out of the list core componnent’s always best saphire radeon hd 5750 1gb is best bet.


    Keep up the good work.

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