Razer Moves to Consoles


Gaming peripheral company Razer has announced the launch of a specialised controller for the Xbox 360, alongside a wireless headset with 5.1 surround.

It's a nice looking piece of kit; curious to see how it feels though.

Razer has long been a respected name when it comes to peripherals for gaming PCs, but so far it’s been relatively quiet when it comes to the console market. Now though, it seems the company is to offer high-quality third party peripherals to Microsoft’s Xbox 360. It’s a relatively simple move, but one that could see Razer capitalise on the competitive gaming market cornered by the Xbox 360.

Razer’s Robert Krakoff described the move, saying that, “Just as we did for PC gamers, we are really looking forward to revolutionising the world of console gaming by creating a controller and gaming headset that gives console gamers the same level of quality, precision and accuracy that they know and expect in our PC products… This is a great opportunity for us to continue to give gamers the competitive edge by really listening and responding to their needs.”

We’ll be curious to see how well Razer’s controller, the Onza, is received by the Xbox 360 user base, but if it manages to be of a similar quality to their PC peripherals, we can expect to see Razer doing very well for itself indeed. It’s also interesting to note that the Onza is a wired pad, something we tend not to see in the console space at all anymore. Razer claims that it’s to cut down on lag, but it seems doubtful that there’s too much lag created by playing wirelessly.

Of course, there’s also the third party headset, called the Chimaera, though that’s a little less interesting, given the fact that there are solid third-party headsets floating around already.

The Onza will cost around the €45 mark when it launches here, though for now we don’t have an indication of just when that might be.

You can check out Razer’s own page for the Onza here.


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