RCA Shows off Wireless Charger


RCA has taken the time at CES this year to show off a wireless charging arrangement it calls the AirEnergy, which is charged entirely by wireless signals, elegantly enough.

Until now, Powermat had been the wireless charger to watch...

While we’ve been hearing about wireless charging, and some of us practically drooling over it, for years now, it seems as though RCA is a shoe-in to the first company to really hit with something usable, affordable and practical. RCA’s AirEnergy is, as we said above, charged entirely by ambient Wi-Fi, which means that it will charge as you go about your day, likely with it buried somewhere near the bottom of a bag or in a pocket somewhere.

Then, when you need to give something with a USB port a bit of juice, you can simply plug it into the AirEnergy and let it transfer power across. It’s nice and neat, and a simple concept. Of course, it tackles the question of wireless charging from the opposite direct when you consider devices like the PowerMat, which boast a plugged-in dock, that charges devices without them needing to be attached, but it’s no less interesting for it. Indeed, thanks to the fact that you’re just soaking up ambient wireless, it’s also curiously energy conscious… nothing like green wireless charging.

Things only get more interesting when we learn that the folks at Gizmodo managed to charge a Blackberry from 30% up to full in an hour and a half when they had a chance to play with one at CES. Moreover, the fact that the device is set to cost just $40 when it launches in summertime (with no word on a European launch we can’t be sure, but we assume it’ll see a wide release) puts it at significantly less than other potential wireless charging arrangements.


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One Response to “RCA Shows off Wireless Charger”

  1. saulo Says:

    this is a hoax! At 10 meters from a 100 mw wifi spot the energy reaching an antenna that size is on the order of microwatts, that will take years to charge a mobile phone. Also RCA is a defunct company since 1986.

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