Samsung Ebook Reader Also Tablet


Samsung has announced its own line of ebook readers, with its usual flair for elegant design evident throughout. Moreover, users can write directly onto the screen.

Curious to see the refresh rate when writing/drawing...

The ebook reader market is fast approaching saturation by now, but it seems that there are still plenty of big-name tech companies desperate to get in on a little of the market that Amazon and Sony kicked off with their Kindle and Reader lines. Indeed, the question now seems to be not whether or not a reader performs capably when it comes to the task of reading ebooks themselves, but what else they have on offer. In that respect, we’d imagine many will be impressed by Samsung’s new offering, which boasts some tablet functionality, allowing users to add notes to books by simply writing directly onto the screen.

It’s a relatively simple arrangement, and indeed, Sony’s Reader Touch Edition also allows for users to write and draw directly onto the screen using either their fingers or a stylus, but where Sony seems content to have just put the product out there and let it roll, Samsung has been touting its in-book note-taking functionality.

Perhaps more interesting still is the news that both of Samsung’s new ebook readers boast wireless (though not wireless N), meaning they’ll happily let you browse newspapers in a manner similar to Amazon’s Kindle. There’s also 2GB of internal memory, so you’re unlikely to fill the memory anytime soon.

Of course, the plethora of different functionality all adds up to something that’s both impressive and attractive… at least until you see the price. There’s no word on what we can expect to see it cost in Europe, but across the pond they’re looking at the cheaper of the two, the E101, hitting at around the $399, while the more expensive E6 hits at a wallet-shrivelling $699.

Scary stuff.


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One Response to “Samsung Ebook Reader Also Tablet”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    This stuff isn’t about the hardware but about the shopping experience. Amazon Kindle FTW. But there are too many new eReaders, way da’kill the budding market for this stuff! eReader is soo the new Netbook. Kindle will win, well until Apple gets in on this action, which I think they’ll do with their iPaper? Or whatever they’re going to call this new touch tablet.

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