Special Offers – Week of January 11th


Good afternoon all, hopefully we find you well this rainy, suspiciously snowless Monday afternoon. It’s nice to see that the “much worse” that was “still to come” on Friday hasn’t quite materialised, leaving us with a pleasant (if somewhat rainy) week ahead of us.

As anyone who reads the blog regularly will know, we like to post the special offers for the coming week on a Monday afternoon; it gives everyone the longest possible time to consider a purchase while the price is knocked down, which is always nice 🙂

Anyway, without any more delay, this week our special offers are on RAM, an upgrade kit and a media player.

4GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600MHz

Corsair’s Dominator is a solid RAM kit, with a full 4GB (that’s on two 2GB sticks) that shouldn’t break the bank. Still, it’s not on the low end of the performance scale.

Click through to see our page for the Corsair Dominator 4GB kit 🙂

Considering the performance, it’s nice to see Corsair’s Dominator on special offer, with the price dropped by 7%. Of course, it’s not for everyone, with high-end memory there will always be those whose machines don’t support it. In this case, you’re going to want to make sure that your motherboard supports DDR3, but aside from that you should be good to go.

It’s also worth mentioning that whenever we do a PC build, one of the guys in RMA (whether Ryan or Shetlon) will always advise that we roll with Corsair RAM, since they’re a reliable company with a solid reputation when it comes to memory. It might seem like a relatively small thing when you’re considering performance and a multitude of other things in your build… but it can save headaches later.

For this week, Corsair’s Dominator DDR3 1600MHz 4G kit will set you back €128.47.

Core i3 540 Upgrade Kit:

This is something that people had wondered if we’d be doing a deal on and getting together into one big package, so we thought it should be up here with the special offers. Now that Core i3 processors have hit, everyone wants a piece of it.

Click through to see our page for the Core i3 540 Upgrade Kit 🙂

Our Upgrade Kit for the Core i3 540 includes all you’ll need to get started on a Core i3 build of your own, for those of you who’ve been considering trading up to Intel’s new line as soon as it released. Anyway, for the curious, the Upgrade Pack itself contains an Intel Core i3 540 processor, a Gigabyte GA-H55-UD2H motherboard and a 4GB Crucial RAM kit at 1066MHz.

If you’re at all interested, the parts in the Upgrade Kit are all listed, along with some of their specifications, on our page for the Upgrade Kit itself; there are also links to the product pages for the components themselves, which should save anyone too much looking up.

This week, the Core i3 540 upgrade kit will set you back €312, which isn’t a bad old deal at all, considering the parts in there and the newness of the i3.

Netgear EVA200 Digital Entertainer Live:

Netgear’s Digital Entertainer Live represents the company’s move into the media player space, alongside bigger names like Western Digital, offering all the usual bells and whistles, but with a little extra.

Click through to see our page for the Netgear Digital Entertainer 🙂

Where most of the other media players out there that will connect directly to a TV and play media out from an external hard drive won’t give you network connectivity (with the obvious exception of Western Digital’s WD TV Live), the Netgear will net you network accessibility as well, which is hard to shrug off.

It should be noted that it’s wired network access, but you’re not likely to find a media player that boasts wireless for anything like the same price. Indeed, considering the price it’s offered at, Netgear’s Digital Entertainer Live is a very impressive device indeed, offering both network access and HDMI out.

This week, the NetGear Digital Entertainer is down to €93.62, which is very reasonable indeed, all things considered.


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