What happened in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas


Several hundred jammy journalists no doubt woke up clutching that last $25 poker chip wondering where it all went wrong this morning; trying to recall something news worthy from their weekend in Las Vegas.

Skiff Reader may sound like a bad punk band, but the device is gorgeous 😉

They, like a few thousand industry heads, will have spent the past three or four days at the Consumer Electronic Show 2010 in that big neon bit in the middle of Nevada where, if initial reports are anything to go by, e-readers and all things 3D made the biggest impact on the visiting hordes.

Scrambling to get on board the Kindle train, the Guardian report that “dozens” of new ereaders were announced at the show with Samsung, Sony, and a wave of smaller names attempting to establish themselves as “ebook pioneers”, as GU put it.

British company Plastic Logic, who last week announced the debut of its electronic reader – known as the Que – are one such example while other reports note that the Skiff Reader and the nattily upper-case/lower-case titled EnTourage eDGe: also impressed.

Meanwhile, it appears that Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and a few others have been spending quite a lot of the last few months with red and blue glasses on as they perfect their 3-D television designs. “The home-theatre setups can display 3-D movies with the help of 3-D enabled Blu-ray players and specialized glasses. The 1080p high-definition televisions can send separate images to each lens of the glasses, creating a 3-D effect. The picture quality is said to be on par with that of movie theaters,” reports BeforeItsNews.com (well, they spelled ‘theatre’ the Yankie way but no one’s perfect).

Other news from CES that will have James Cameron debating the merits of another ‘King of the World’ speech at this year’s Oscars include the fact that both the Discovery Channel and ESPN announced this weekend that they are planning to have 24-hour 3-D television channels up and running asap. While shooting your own 3D flicks will also be possible with the 3DVIEW from DXG Technology which got some great reviews this morning and should, all going well be available in June from $180.

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