Company Update:


As you may have seen, Komplett has today sold our BV unit which includes, and to ParaDigit BV.

Firstly, I’d like to say that from a personal perspective as country manager for Ireland I think this is a positive move, and I think it will bring real benefits both to our business and to our customers in the very near future. On April 1st the deal will be formally concluded and we will transfer into the ParaDigit group, so for the moment there’ll be no immediate changes or effects noticeable from a customer perspective.

From the first of April, we will be moving forward with what I expect to be an extremely interesting and exciting plan to expand the business. Our plan, long term, in Ireland, is to be remain the market leader in e-commerce in what is a relatively small but fast-growing market for internet shopping.

In September of 2008 we opened a local office here and since then have been growing both our team and our presence here, including our Dublin Pickup Point which has been growing from strength to strength in this time.

I fully expect the future to be a bright one for and it’s one that we internally are very excited about. We hope that you will see, in the coming months, the benefits of this deal as a customer.

Aaron McKenna, Country Manager, Komplett Ireland


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8 Responses to “Company Update:”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Does this mean a rebranding and new site or will still be the place to go?

  2. nutterguy Says:

    “As part of the deal, ParaDigit Holding has signed a licence agreement allowing it to continue to use the Komplett name on the three stores.”

    Guessing they will be keeping the name/site which would make sense seeing as it is such a well established brand in Ireland.

    I do hope this won’t mean any scaling back of Whether that be in range of stocked items or blogging ability! 🙂

    • komplettie Says:

      Nope, we’ll all still be here in the same way as we are now, don’t worry about us for now guys 🙂

      Thanks for the concern though, it does mean a lot to us 😀

  3. Niall Says:

    April 1st date has me freaked as to whether or not this is all true lol

  4. Kevin Says:

    Great opportunity to take the piss on April 1st!

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