Firefox 3.6 Nears Completion


Firefox users disappointed by the delay to the newest version of the browser will be pleased to hear that it’s just about done, with a release candidate having been rolled out to beta users already.

Mozilla’s own word on the release candidate for Firefox 3.6 is that it may still see some unexpected updates, but there’s every chance that this is the version that sees release when Firefox 3.6 goes public. The list of updates includes things that those in the beta may already have encountered, with some of them ranging from “useful occasionally” to “likely to become very annoying indeed.” According to Mozilla, some of the changes we can expect include,

– Users can change the browser’s appearance with a single click using Personas
– Firefox 3.6 alerts the user about out of date plugins to keep them safe
– Changes to how third party software integrates with Firefox to increase stability
– Improved automatic form fill provides better options from your form history
– Open, native video can now be displayed full screen, and supports poster frames
– Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness and startup time
– The ability to run scripts asynchronously to speed up page load times
– Supprt for the HTML5 File API

So, there are some relatively big shifts in there for those who haven’t been keeping an eye on the direction Firefox is heading in. The fact that it’ll now nag users about their out of date plugins is both interesting and potentially annoying. We’ll be curious to see just how big an impact that has on the number of people running plugins long past their best, if any.

Still, for those who’d like to check out the release candidate for the latest version of Firefox, you can pick it up from Mozilla’s own page for it[].

If you’d like to read about the bits and pieces that have changed, then you’ll be able to read more (with links to more detailed explanations still) in Mozilla’s blog post on the new RC[].


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