Google’s Nexus One Attracts Complaints


Google’s smartphone, Android-based Nexus One, has come under heavy fire from users with complaints and questions about the hardware, many of whom don’t know who to turn to.

While the Nexus One might carry a Google OS in the form of Android, and boast Google branding with admirable tie-in through Google’s own sites, the fact is that the device itself was built by HTC. With two companies involved so closely before you begin to talk about the various cellular carriers involved, it’s easy to see why things have been getting a little confusing.

According to the BBC, the forums that Google has set up to help support the rollout of its Nexus One have been accumulating a mass of various different complaints and questions, with many asking just how much they should be expected to pay for the device itself and whether they’re entitled to upgrade packages if they’re to buy the phone through their current carrier (for those on T-mobile).

More concerning still is the fact that people are reporting issues when using the smartphone with 3G networks and when importing contact details from their existing Google accounts; something for which Android devices are generally pretty handy.

All of this stacks even more poorly given the timing of the release, which sees Android users warned of phishing attacks from apps available from Google’s Android Market. The app in question disguises itself as a banking application in an attempt to gain access to users’ account details. In short, it’s been a bit of a bad news week for Android, and it comes at the height of the popularity of devices running the open source OS.

Still, we’d imagine it’s relatively unlikely that many will be turned off Android entirely by the various bits and pieces doing the rounds at the moment, but it is all food for thought when it comes to the mobile OS.


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