Xbox Live to be Windows Mobile Exclusive


Rumours circulating about Xbox Live making the jump to mobile platforms have now been confirmed, but it seems that the service will be made available only to those using Windows Mobile-based devices.

Word comes from Kotaku of a snap taken from Microsoft’s own marketing material, which indicates that the service, once it’s made available on mobile devices, will be known as Xbox Live Games. This move would see Microsoft expanding Xbox Live in the same general manner as it’s indicated it’d like to extend the Zune brand, making the service available on a variety of different devices.

The word from the marketing piece itself is that we’ll see Xbox live “extend from first-generation consoles to the Xbox 360 Windows phones, and Windows PCs.” It then goes on to point out that “Xbox LIVE Games is the Mobile version of the Xbox LIVE service available on Windows phones.” If nothing else, it’ll prove a solid reasons for those with an Xbox Live account already to pick up a Windows Mobile-based device.

For those who had caught the news then it first leaked out via a job posting at Microsoft, there’s still no solid word on just what kind of integration we’ll see from Microsoft across the two platforms, but we’d imagine it’s likely that the mobile version of Xbox Live will see integration of chat, if only so that we can text friends to bother them while they’re embroiled in Modern Warfare…


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