Acer Shows Off 3D Notebook


Acer has taken the opportunity at CES this year to show off two new notebooks, the most interesting of which will likely be the one that manages to be “3D capable.”

TomsHardware is reporting that the two new notebooks boast up to 8GB of RAM, and give users the option of Intel’s Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3 processors, which is curious enough in itself. The devices will be available in either a 15.6” or a 17.3” form factor, with screens resolutions weighing in at 1366×768 and 1600×900 respectively. Indeed, it’s all a little ho-hum (if high-performance) until you get to the graphics arrangement.

The smaller of the two boasts a Radeon HD5650, which is the hardware responsible for it being able to crank out 3D visuals. Still, things are still a little up in the air, with nobody quite sure if the device will be shipping with the requisite kit (in the form of probably just-a-bit-dubious-looking shutter glasses), but we’d imagine that Acer will ensure that people buying a 3D capable notebook will be getting everything they need to enjoy 3D with it. Moreover, because it’s Tri-Def, it’s software-controlled 3D, which somehow feels as though it should be considered somehow suspicious, despite being perfectly reasonable.

It seems that, in the US at least, they won’t set you back an arm and a leg, starting from $479.99 for the Core i3 equipped 17-inch model, and $749.99 for the 15” model, which boasts a Core i5-430M and an ATI Radeon HD5650; that’s the one that manages to output in 3D, for those with an interest. Both are set to go on sale in the US by the end of the month, but there’s no word yet on just when we can expect to see them made available to those of us in Ireland, sadly.

We’ll be curious to see just how well 3D notebooks take off, but it seems as though it might be a bit of a stretch to expect people to whip out a pair of glasses to use their notebook…

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