Nintendo Wii to get Netflix Support


Nintendo is to bring support for Netflix video streaming service to its Wii games console, adding the functionality to the Wii’s web-based lineup.

The move sees Nintendo’s Wii join its various competitors in offering some form of Netflix integration to the console. Indeed, both Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 already offer some form of Netflix integration, so it’s one area in which Nintendo is very much playing catch-up, but it’s still an interesting development from an industry point of view, especially, coming as it does, from the market leader.

According to a Cnet report, Nintendo’s announcement that Netflix will be made available on the Wii brings into question the whole way the videogame market of today works, and indeed, it’s an interesting statement to make. When it got a chance to sit down with Citigroup’s managing director, his take on it was that, “You just have to wonder if people are going to buy prepackaged $60 video games in the future… If you are a console maker, you better quickly hurry to add more functionality and features to your console.”

It’s interesting, certainly, but with games like Modern Warfare 2 managing to break records in as fantastic a manner as they have. It certainly seems as though the games industry has plenty of life left in it for now.

Indeed, considering the fact that Netflix-styled services have proven such an absolute headache to work out when it comes to offering movies in Europe, and since console makers haven’t been making a massive deal out of the fact that those services aren’t available for us, it seems as though there’s still plenty of confidence in the games market itself when it comes to supporting console manufacturers.


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