Twitter Breaks Own Records


Despite numerous reports indicating that the service has stalled, Twitter’s co-founder has pointed out that yesterday was the service’s busiest day ever, and that he expects tomorrow to be better still.

Anyone else been seeing an awful lot of this lad in the last couple of weeks?

It seems the rumours of Twitter’s gradual death over the coming months had been greatly exaggerated, with TechCrunch reporting that Twitter has seen record amounts of traffic over the last few days, and indeed, those using the micro-blogging service seem increasingly engaged by it. The news casts aspersions over those reports from various analysts indicating that the service’s growth had slowed significantly, with many intimating that the service could be dying a slow death.

Of course, as the folks at TechCrunch are very quick to point out, most of those reports that indicate a stall in Twitter’s growth can’t take into account the vast amount of traffic that Twitter sees from applications that bypass the site itself, using the Twitter API to post directly.

That much alone is interesting, considering the number of people who use Twitter almost exclusively from their smartphones, or by text, to say nothing of those for whom the web interface is just a little too unreliable. The number of Twitter users who opt to use standalone clients, if only for the sake of convenience and notification of messages, means that those users who make use of Twitter most are likely the ones using standalone Twitter clients…

Still, it’s interesting to see that it no longer takes a massive news event to break Twitter’s traffic record. That much alone says a lot about the way in which those regular users that Twitter has accumulated use the service.


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