Walk Towards the Light


Chinese company Dream Cheeky seems to have a solution at hand for anyone who wants to prove just how popular they are. Their new USB Webmail Notifier will casually sit beside your PC while connected to your email account, before lighting up to notify you of every new email you receive.

Dream Cheeky done good on this one

The device can even add in a sound to make it more obvious that someone is demanding your attention, or maybe it’s just another crappy newsletter heading into your inbox, but hey, it lights up and makes sounds so who cares!

Dvice.com notes that the unit supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook Express, and POP3 mail, but only works on Windows PCs for the minute. You can find out some more info on Webmail Notifier directly from the Dream Cheeky site and while you’re there you might like to have a gander at some of the other rather odd gear.

Our favourites include the On the Air Communicator (where you have to love the cheesy PR line of “become the DJ/radio host you’ve always dreamed of becoming”), which is a USB retro microphone that’s compatible with Skype etc. While elsewhere there’s the Roll Up Piano and the stress-busting Squish the Fish for more relatively pointless but utterly awesome ways to waste some cash.


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