YouTube Announces Spring Clean


YouTube has announced that it’s to run an early “Spring cleaning” project to help ensure that users have a more robust on-site experience with the video service.

According to a posting on the YouTube blog, the by no practically ubiquitous video service’s staff will be setting aside a significant proportion of if time to help tighten up the site’s design and overall user experience. Of course, there’s not too much to tell us just what we can expect to see out of YouTube’s upcoming shift, but it there are some hints to be had.

Perhaps the only phrase that tells us in any real detail exactly what the guys at YouTube are working on in their attempt to make the site a little easier for those of us on the opposite end to use is a section that says,

“Well, it means you’ll see some things about the site design evolving to be more consistent across the site. And some things that haven’t worked as smoothly as we would have liked them to will get the attention they deserve. Lastly, we may determine that some things we tried out just didn’t fly and remove them from the site.”

It’s certainly a post that’ll keep people guessing, but it seems as though YouTube will be moving to unify its structure a little more, which is no bad thing, considering the genuinely vast differences between some of the more recently renovated portions of the site. Profile pages, as they exist now are an excellent example of a feature that some users love and others hate, but they don’t mesh too neatly with the rest of the site, and are a bit of a headache to browse compared to the older version.

It’ll be interesting to see just what YouTube keeps and what it ditches, but we’d imagine this is part of the drive that the company had mentioned earlier this month to get people to spend more time on-site.

Still no word on normal accounts uploading videos longer than 10ish minutes though.

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One Response to “YouTube Announces Spring Clean”

  1. Neal Kotzur Says:

    I have thought about this myself and you could not have explained it better!

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