19-Inch Flexible E-newspaper from LG


The development of e-readers continues apace with South Korean giants LG Display announcing that they have developed a flexible electronic-paper screen, one that size-wise comes in around about the same dimensions as a tabloid newspaper.

The Skiff eReader also uses LG's ‘microfoil technology’

With a screen measuring 25×40 CM (or a 19-inch diagonal screen size), and is 0.3 millimeters thin meaning it can bend. The ability to bend seems to be de rigueur at the moment with the Skiff eReader – launched at CES 2010 last weekend in Las Vegas – also boasting this feature and receiving a lot of press for their trouble.

LG Display told PCWorld.com that they managed to make the e-reader flexible by utilizing a metal foil instead of the more traditional glass substrate with LG confident that this is the “largest flexible e-paper display yet produced”. This LG ‘microfoil technology’ is also used in the new Skiff product.

Continued PCWorld: “It boasts a high-contrast ratio that makes it easy to read and relies on ambient light so doesn’t cause eye strain over long periods of use. Additionally it only requires power when the screen is refreshed so e-paper devices typically have a long battery life.”

For their part LG Display said that the next few months will see mass production of an 11.5-inch flexible electronic paper screen though pricing details were not announced for this particular venture.

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  1. LG sviluppa il foglio di giornale del futuro - The New Blog Times Says:

    […] nell’azienda per la prima metà dell’anno e sarà destinata al produttore Skiff, che la utilizzerà nel suo […]

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