Bing Slips in December, Google Grows


According to search statistics for the month of December, it seems that Google has managed to grow once again, with Microsoft’s search engine, Bing falling a little.

According to Nielsen’s report on the search market for last month, it seems that Google has grown, hitting 67.3% of all searches made in December, up 1.9% from its November statistics. At the same time, Yahoo maintained second place though it didn’t do so entirely without falling. With a 14.4% share, Yahoo has dropped by 0.9%.

Bing commanded a relatively healthy 9.9% of the search market, though this shows a small drop since November of around 0.6%. Still, with so much resting on Bing, it’s curious to see that the search dropped over the course of the Christmas block, especially considering the fact that it’s been positioned as a “decision engine” as much as a search engine.

Of course, the various different companies that release their analyses of the search engine statistics, Nielsen and Comscore being chief among them, often release some varying results. Given the fact that there are such small percentages involved, that can mean that we have situations where one chart shows growth and another shrinkage, as happened with October’s results.

We’d be slow to count Bing as having lost market share over the course of the last month, much less to count the engine out altogether.


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