Facebook Giving Away McAfee


In an unusual attempt to keep its users’ machines as safe as possible, Facebook has made the move of making McAfee available for free to any of its users who would like to run the software and see how things pan out.

Facebook’s move to give away the security software comes after some fairly serious questions were raised about the site’s security towards the end of last year. While this won’t be helping Facebook’s security itself, it does give users an option to protect themselves, for the next six months at least, and that’s where the benefit lies for the folks at McAfee.

Facebook may be giving away six month long McAfee subscriptions, but that six months won’t last forever, and while many might be content to run their machine without any security software at all, once they’ve had a chance to sit down and run some security software there’ll be many who decide that they’re pleased with the performance. It seems fairly likely that McAfee is harbouring some hope that those users will opt to pay for an extended subscription… which makes sense.

Fortunately enough, Facebook will be offering those users a coupon to discount the cost of renewing that McAfee subscription… just in case anyone was thinking of making the jump to Norton.

According to Facebook’s blog post on the topic, this move comes because, “We’re committed to doing everything we can to help you protect your account and make your experience on Facebook as safe and enjoyable as possible.”

It’s an interesting project, and one that we’ll likely see McAfee profiting tremendously from. In the meantime, those of you who’d like to sort yourselves out with McAfee from Facebook, you can head over to the company’s Facebook fan page and click the “Protect your PC” tab.


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