Intel Leaks New MacBook Pro Details


It seems that Intel has accidentally leaked details of an upcoming update to Apple’s MacBook Pro notebook line through a slightly botched promotional mailing.

Set for a January 26th announcement?

AppleInsider is reporting that the promotional mailing sent out to members of Intel’s Retail Edge program detailed a competition whereby members could win a new MacBook Pro, unfortunately the MacBook Pro that’s advertised isn’t one of Apple’s current line. Moreover, it does look like just about exactly the right direction to move if you’re looking to upgrade the current MacBook Pro line without making a raft of changes. The promotion reads,

“January Prize Draw: Win a Macbook Pro. Pass this month’s trainings for 2 chances to win one of 2 MacBook Pro laptops with the accelerated response of an Intel Core i5 processor.”

Indeed, moving to a Core i5 processor seems a sensible move for Apple to make when it comes to updating its MacBook Pro line without any major changes to the hardware.

The most interesting thing about this news is that it comes very close indeed to Apple’s scheduled January 23rd event, which is generally believed to be the day that the company will reveal its long-awaited tablet device. If Apple is to reveal a tablet, it seems likely that it will take the time before that announcement to discuss refreshes to its other product lines too, including (it seems) a move to include Core i5 processors in its MacBook Pro range.


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