New iPhone Rumours Surface


A raft of rumours have been circulated this week about what Apple is planning for its by now annual iPhone announcement in June, and they’re getting very interesting indeed.

While most of the press attention has been focused on Apple’s so-long-rumoured-it’s-presumed-to-be-fact upcoming tablet announcement, it seems that Mashable has found a few bits and pieces about the potential changes we could see to the iPhone that haven’t attracted as much attention as they otherwise might. Most interesting of which is the suggestion that the hardware will be altered, making the back panel behave in a similar fashion to Apple’s Magic Mouse.

While we’re assured by the various rumourmongers out there that this shift in hardware won’t be the only change, it’s certainly the most interesting. The use of a touch-sensitive panel on the back of a device so that a user’s hands needn’t be in the way of what they’re trying to see is something we’ve seen described numerous times (including in patents from Apple) in the past, but we’ve yet to see it working in reality.

This, alongside the rumours hinting at an improved camera for the new iPhone, is certainly food for thought, though we’d hazard a guess that most people won’t be very much interested in updates to the iPhone until after Apple’s January 26th announcement is over and the dust has had a chance to settle on the tablet, for better or for worse.

Still, we’ll be curious to see if there’s any truth to these rumours; it makes sense that there could be a fairly major update to the iPhone on the way, considering the fact that the hardware hasn’t seen any major changes since the device first launched. Of course, Apple now faces competition from an increasing number of Android devices, some of which have managed to attract large followings indeed.

Still, with many networks only now managing to get their hands on iPhones to pass on to customers who were unwilling to change carrier for it, it seems as though there’s likely plenty of life in the old girl yet.


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One Response to “New iPhone Rumours Surface”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Here’s hoping for a meaty update. I didn’t upgrade my 3G to the 3GS because I don’t need what the 3GS offers. Some extra grunt alongside a better camera and a new form factor would make me want to buy a new one… depending, of course, on what the iSlate is like. Only thing about the back panel is my lovely eBoy sticker on the back of my iPhone!

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