Squeeze it, Roll it, Throw it


Squeezing your mouse may sound like a euphemism for something, but this week members of the Entertainment Computing Laboratory at Japan’s Tsukuba University began to demonstrate the advantages of their new mouse prototype.

The harder you squeeze the more you get… careful now

The Puyocon is the fruit of their labour and you can watch it in action here. Essentially, as CrunchGear.com put it, this wants to be for PCs what the Wiimote became for game consoles.

Gone are the days of pressing buttons to get what you want and instead you can rely on arm movements to control the various goings on across your screen. Shaped like a ball and complete with 14 pressure sensors, the Puyocon is a soft and wireless controller that users can “roll, throw, squeeze or move with both hands in order to trigger an action on the screen”.

The idea behind the concept is to provide certain users, for example children, with an intuitive, easy-to-use input interface. Its responses are based on the force its being squeezed with or the impact a certain throw has on it.

The nifty little thing may still look a tad like a ballcock for the minute but this is only the early stages of development.


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