SSDs Reinvigorate Old PCs


It seems that using a solid-state drive to beef up an old machine can breathe new life into what might otherwise seem a doddery old PC on its last legs.

SSD manufacturer RunCore has taken the time and effort at this year’s Consume Electronics Show to show off some decidedly naff looking old PCs that it’s kitted out with some genuinely impressive hardware. While you might expect the idea of throwing a nice expensive solid-state disk into an old machine to be a bit of a waste of money, it seems that the guys at RunCore have managed to get some dying machines to show real signs of life with the upgrade.

Indeed, According to the folks over at Ars Technica, the whole affair seems to have worked out magnificently well. Apparently, the machines that RunCore used to show off the revitalising power of a good SSD in some dodgy hardware managed to score a Windows Experience Index of 1.0, the lowest score possible. Still, despite being old and clapped out, the machines themselves were described as “running Windows 7 like champions.”

In a world where we’re increasingly environmentally conscious, it’s nice to see companies working with an eye to making sure we don’t throw out a machine that’s not quite dead, but so far gone that it’s not useful for too much. While we doubt we’ll be seeing people buying SSDs for their old PCs anytime soon (the price is just a bit prohibitive at the moment) it’s nice to think that a little bit of work could turn those older machines from sad relics into something a touch more useful.

In the meantime, I know I can’t be the only one with a six year old machine sitting on a shelf upstairs taking care of all my media.


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2 Responses to “SSDs Reinvigorate Old PCs”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Haha, thanks I need a laugh this morning! XD SSD into old PCs HAHA! Love it

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