Yahoo Sides with Google Against China


It seems that Google isn’t alone in its decision to take a stance against China after attempted attacks on the search giant earlier this week, Yahoo and the White House have both chipped in, chiming support for Google.

TomsHardware is reporting on the news that Yahoo is supporting Google’s decision, going so far as to say that the two are “aligned.” It’s certainly at least a little unusual, but it’s also a nice opportunity for Yahoo to get itself some positive media coverage at a time when there have been far too many stories questioning the company. Indeed, being ‘aligned’ with Google is made more curious by the company’s current investment in China… we’ll have to see how that changes.

Perhaps the bigger piece of news in the teeming morass surrounding Google’s decision to flaunt Chinese censorship law is the news that the White House has apparently thrown its lot in with Google, though without committing too much. The key quote being thrown around at the moment comes from White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, who said on the topic,

“The president and this administration have beliefs about the freedom of the internet.” He then repeated himself a little, saying, “The right to a free internet is what many of you heard the president talk about in China…”

If nothing else, it’s interesting to see the extent to which Google has managed to gain support from such disparate places as the White House and long-time competitor Yahoo.

Still, for now we have yet to see an official response from China, so we’d imagine the whole business is far from closed. It could well be the case that China simply asks Google not to operate a Chinese service anymore, which would certainly put a bit of a dent in Google’s business, but give it’s relatively small share of the Chinese search market, it’s likely not something that will cause too much grief.


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2 Responses to “Yahoo Sides with Google Against China”

  1. Jonathan Cremin Says:

    I believe the term is flout not flaunt 😛

    • komplettie Says:

      “Flout” is to openly disregard, “flaunt” can mean to openly display something as a badge of defiance 🙂

      I think “flout” might work better here though alright…

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