Cheer Up Sunshine – It’s the Weekend


Good evening all, with night time managing to stay away until just when we’re leaving work, I think it’s safe enough for us to say that we’re through the best part of Winter now and into the Spring, which is always pleasant. It’s a relatively simple pleasure, but it’s hard to deny.

Anyway, these are some of the bits and pieces that have cheered us up over the course of this week. We think the technically inclined will probably enjoy this piece from ATI that’s meant to show off the fact that any old primate can open up a PC and change a GPU

Aside from that, I suppose this is one of the best things I’ve seen in a very long time… when I complained about the snow in Dublin last week to my sister, she told me that if they got snow down in Kerry she would put me to shame. I took it as a throwaway comment, but it seems as though she was totally serious.

My sister built this... I think that she's now surpassed me in every way 😦

After that, I was sent this, which tells me just about everything I need to know about both Star Wars and florists.

Since I don’t like to inundate you guys, and I’ve got to go home at some stage today, I’ll save a couple of bits and pieces for next week and we can post them for you on Friday. Do have an excellent weekend guys, and hopefully the weather will stay nice and clear.

I’ll be back bright and early on Monday morning, keeping the blog up to date. Until then, have fun all 🙂


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