Google Offers Location-Sensitive Search


Google has announced that it is to offer location-sensitive search as an option for those of us with Android-based devices or Apple’s iPhone to offer more accurate search results.

According to a post on the Google Mobile blog from members of Google’s mobile engineering team, the project is should allow for search results to be prioritised based on a user’s current location. The example given is one in which a user searches for the word “Muse” and the suggestions that appear vary according to location. For those in the Boston example, suggestions included “museum of science boston” and “museum of fine arts boston.”

By contrast, for those in San Francisco, the suggestions for the search term “muse” include; “museums in san francisco,” “museum of natural history” and from there it seems that you’re straight into normal Google results, with “muse lyrics” and “muse band” as the next suggestions.

If nothing else, it’s certainly a solid use of location services to quickly offer users a little something extra when they’re browsing from their mobile devices, especially when you take into consideration the fact that every relevant suggestion saves precious mobile-typing-time.

For the moment, this feature is only available to the folks using their mobile devices in the US, but we’re holding out hope that it’s not a monstrously difficult task to roll it out to new locations and that we’ll see it on our side of the pond soon enough. In the meantime, between this and the Nexus One, it seems as though Google is giving us plenty of reasons to envy those overseas…


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