Nexus One Price Drops


Google has dropped the price of its smartphone, the HTC-built Nexus One smartphone after some fairly abysmal first-week sales figures were released.

Word comes via Engadget that Google has taken the complaints about its smartphone’s price seriously enough to drop the price. It’s a good thing too, considering the fact that the search giant only managed to shift somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20,000 of the device in the first week of sales (lower than many other Android devices, if we’re to compare like with like). While the unlocked price remains at $530, the price to upgrade to the Nexus One is now $279.

Those users who have paid the old price, which was in the region of $379 have had a $100 rebate sent their way, which should help avoid just about any ill-feeling among the 20,000 early adopters. It’s an interesting plan, and one that Google is likely hoping will do a lot to boost the rep that the Nexus One has (at the moment, it’s largely confined to a combination of “impressive” and “expensive”).

We’ll have to see how things pan out, but we’ll be curious to see how well the Nexus One’s sales figures look for its second and third weeks on sale now that the price has been dropped. We’d be willing to bet that they’re far healthier, but the real question will be whether or not Google can develop an iPhone or even a Droid-style buzz about the device. If it can, then it’ll be doing very well indeed.

In the meantime, one can only imagine how disappointed Google must have been with sales to push the price down by so very much so soon after the phone’s launch.


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