PC Game Sales ‘All Digital by 2011’?


It seems that the plight of those forced to go to the back corner of most gaming stores to find some decent PC titles has been recognised by those in industry at last. In response to this problem, 1C Company – the leading publisher and distributor of computer games in Eastern and Central Europe – has predicted that by early next year, “PC games will be sold completely via digital”.

Will all PC titles – such as Alien Shooter – be sold via digital this time next year?

Making the noise for 1C was their international publishing director, Darryl Still, and he lays the blame for this course of action at the feet of retailers whose handling of PC games have been more than a little disappointing for those in the industry. “Retail,” he said, “is forcing PC games out.”

Added Still: “If PC games manage to get listed at retail, then they’re rarely getting any exposure because they’re appearing at the back of the store.” As Destructoid put it, not only are developers, publishers, and even consumers pushing for increased digital distribution, but according to Still, retailers are helping the cause by providing “limited options for the PC”.

GameDaily meanwhile say that they “don’t think that’s going to happen that quickly, at least in the US”, saying the yanks are “pretty sure there will be lots of retail copies sold of StarCraft II released when it finally ships”.


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One Response to “PC Game Sales ‘All Digital by 2011’?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    PC gaming is not a platform to sell lots of games anymore. Major titles will sell well, both digitally and at retail – but smaller titles will always struggle. Partly because there’s no room for small titles on retail shelves of course.

    Digital won’t take off that much until services like steam fix their pricing, especially in the EU. We get screwed in digital downloads…

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