Amazon Rolls Out Self-Publishing


Amazon has made the move to allow authors outside of the US to add their own works, presuming they hold the rights to do so, to its Kindle library.

Word comes from the Register of Amazon’s latest Kindle service to be pushed out outside the US, which should see European authors looking to add their own work to the company’s by now vastly profitable Kindle library pleased. Those who throw their own content up on Amazon’s Kindle library are to be allowed set their own prices, with 35% of those sales going to the rights holder… the other 65% presumably going to Amazon.

Of course, the biggest issue with self-publishing is that it’s fairly difficult to monitor and track. Last summer, some helpful soul decided it’d be a wonderful idea to upload George Orwell’s Animal Farm and, of course, 1984. Naturally, by now most have forgotten that Animal Farm was in there too, but it seems unlikely anyone will forget the fact that Amazon decided it’d be a good plan to quietly delete all copies of 1984 sold through the Kindle store.

All of that stemmed back to the fact that it’s very difficult indeed to verify content, though you’d imagine it’d be clear sometimes that some people straight up don’t own the rights to certain content. Still, that incident will have left a bitter taste for many Kindle owners, regardless of Amazon’s heartfelt and apparently genuine apology and assurance that nothing of the kind will happen again.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see, but given how few issues Amazon has had with self-publishing since the whole Orwell business, we’d imagine that the company has a far firmer grasp of what it’s dealing with now than it did before. Fingers crossed this works out well for any authors out there looking to make their own content available on Amazon’s Kindle library.


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4 Responses to “Amazon Rolls Out Self-Publishing”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Good move. I’m in the market for a device and not sure what to buy. The Barnes&Noble Nook is the best device, but no support outside of the US. Ideally I would like this system to be replicated by B&N so I can get that! 🙂

  2. Kevin Says:

    Sony eReader looks good alright, especially for the support in Ireland but I think if I hold out another little bit we’ll have proper Kindle support… and MAYBE the nook! Or you never know, Apple might move into this area with the iSlate!

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