Apple to Launch Touch-Screen iMac?


Rumours have surfaced about Apple, though for once they’re not about a new iPhone or the seemingly-imminent announcement of a new tablet device.

Indeed, this time, it seems as though just about everyone is convinced that Apple is to launch a touch-screen 22-inch version of its iMac all-in-one desktop. According to DigiTimes, Apple will see the production of the machine itself handled by Quanta, while Sintek Photronic handles the touch-sensitive display panels themselves.

It’s certainly an interesting piece of news, and one that’s been picked up by a few other news agencies. It makes an awful lot of sense for Apple to start lining up some touch-screen iMacs now if there is to be a tablet launch in the coming months. It’d look very good indeed to be able to move the desktops over to touch-sensitive displays at around the same time as a tablet launched, though for now that’s still a little up in the air.

Given how many Apple rumours there are swirling about at the moment, and the fact that there are only eight more days to go before Apple’s announcement event anyway, it seems prudent to just take these as they come over the next week and see which rumours end up being true when Apple actually reveals something about what it’s been working on.

Until then, we have to pose the question… wouldn’t a touch-screen iMac be incredible tiring to use for any length of time?


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