Dell Shows off Keyboardless, Monitorless PC


Dell has shown off a concept PC that it calls the “Dell Froot,” boasting no keyboard and no monitor, working from projection instead.

UberGizmo is carrying word of the device, which won Pauline Carlos first place in Dells’ sustainable design competition. As you should be able to see from the above image, it’s a relatively simple design, boasting large projector towards the back and a smaller in front. The former throws an image against a wall in a similar fashion to a standard display, while the latter throws a keyboard down onto the desk, allowing users to type directly onto the surface of their table.

It’s a lovely concept, and one we’re curious to see more of. Perhaps most interesting about it all though isn’t anything to do with the usability, but the construction. The Froot would be built using a “biodegradable starch-based polymer,” which very well fits the theme of Dell’s sustainable design competition.

Of course, the biggest issue with the Froot is that it’s quite close to Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense arrangement, though less portable. The major difference being that Sixth Sense is wearable and boasts a similar projection arrangement, but allows users to interact directly with various objects through the device, rather than using it as a standard PC.

Admittedly, it seems relatively unlikely that Sixth Sense will be anywhere near as environmentally friendly as Dell’s Froot, but for anyone who hasn’t already seen the 13ish minute presentation on it, it’s well worth a look. It’s among the most jaw dropping pieces of video we’ve yet seen, and frankly it manages to cast a shadow across Dell’s concept PC.


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