GTA iPhone App Released


It’s been hyped since last summer so it’s a little surprising that there was virtually no fanfare this weekend as Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars slipped onto the Apple’s UK App Store over the weekend.

Initial reviews are good for GTA's iPhone effort

Allowing you to shoot, maim and drive-by while you’re commuting, initial reports on the quality of the game are quite positive, with Gizmodo noting, “The graphics are much better than they looked in the early screenshots, falling closer to the PSP version of the game than the DS version.”

They add that the plot and writing “are classic GTA” in that it’s on the same plot level as either the second or third Fast & Furious movies but is way more fun. Available on the UK App Store from £5.99, PocketGamer does note however that there is a downside.

Firmware 3.1 is required and, they say, “It looks as though the graphical detail has been taken down a notch”. The success of the app is intriguing though as despite being heaped with critical acclaim upon its release, Chinatown Wars did not sell nearly as well as anticipated on the DS and PSP. Indeed, in 2009, Chinatown Wars didn’t even make the top 20 list of PSP game sales in the UK, and to put that in perspective – lesser reviewed and older Liberty City and Vice City Stories came in the top 10. Will the iPhone app be its saviour?


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