Mozilla Drops Firefox 3.7


Mozilla has removed the build of its Firefox browser labelled version 3.7 from its schedule of upcoming releases, moving instead to a slightly different update model.

Mozilla had initially planned to release Firefox 3.6 and 3.7 within about six months of one another, but it now, according to an interview with MacWorld, seems that the company is to move away from the kind of updates its well known for and into a bundle of minor updates instead. Indeed, the new model would see no new major releases until the company pushes out Firefox 4.0.

For now, the big change for those of us on the user end will be that we won’t be seeing groups of big changes pushed out as a single update. Instead, Mozilla is to move to a model whereby new and updated features will be added incrementally, rather than in bundles. If nothing else, it certainly seems as though it’ll be an interesting shift, and one that makes testing new features far easier for all involved.

Mozilla’s director of Firefox, Mike Beltzner, said of the decision and the release of Firefox 3.6, “We learned an awful lot about what slows down our schedule, and that will help us plan future releases.

He went on to describe the first release we can expect to see under this model, which will see Firefox moved to a model like Google’s Chrome browser, with sees individual tabs running in their own processes. The upshot of this, for those of you who haven’t given Chrome a bash, is that a single tab can crash without you losing everything you have open.

It’s simple enough, but we’ll be pleased to see it hit Firefox.


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One Response to “Mozilla Drops Firefox 3.7”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Cool that’s good to hear. Chrome has grown on me but it’s too hard to find plugins they need to copy the Firefox approach. ‘NoScripts’ don’t leave your homepage without it!

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