Nintendo Sees Record Breaking Christmas


Nintendo has managed to break records twice in the last month, with both its Wii home console and its handheld DS managing to exceed the previous records for most consoles sold in a month.

While we’ve yet to receive anything quite as detailed for Europe, Wired is reporting that the NPD group has released its figures for the games industry over the month of December, and they certainly make for some very interesting reading indeed. Despite many analysts’ predictions to the contrary, Nintedno has managed to beat stiff competition from both Sony and Microsoft (both of whose consoles saw price drops over the months leading up to Christmas) and see the most sales, not only in this Christmas, but in any single month ever.

Nintendo may have come under plenty of fire for its Wii not being capable of outputting high-definition video, but it seems that that hasn’t been quite enough to stop, or even slow, the console’s uptake. While Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 have both seen a bit of an uptick in sales since their respective price drops, it seems that neither can touch Nintendo’s Wii when it comes to the Christmas push.

Of course, with many predicting that Nintendo would, once again, have the market fairly soundly stitched up over the Christmas block, this was very much a fight for second place. In that respect, it’s interesting to see the PS3 edging out the Xbox 360, even if only by somewhere around the 50,000 unit mart.

Still, with the PS3 shifting 1.36 million consoles, it’s sitting at considerably less than half of Nintendo’s 3.81 million units. Strange stuff, considering the rumours we’d heard coming up to Christmas that the Wii could well be dead in the water.

Now all we have left to do is wait and see if the sales figures for Europe are vastly different.

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