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Professor Frink’s sarcasm detector is yesterday’s news people, welcome to the dawn of the SarcMark. Available to download for less than $2, the new emoticon is attempting to make sure that no future email or text is misconstrued by people who struggle to understand when you’re being sarcastic.

Yeah, that looks just great... ahem

Now, we’ll freely admit that this sounds like an absolutely nonsensical idea but the emoticon is appearing on news outlets across the globe already and the full stop/curl combo could become an integral part of text and email lexicon yet. The new punctuation mark designed to denote sarcasm may indeed stop confusion for generations to come. Or else it might just sell a few hoodies, but now we think it’s a pretty interesting idea. No seriously, we do.

“Statements have the period. Questions have the question mark. Exclamations have the exclamation mark. When you see the newest punctuation mark for sarcasm, you’ll know the writer of that sentence doesn’t literally mean what they’re writing; they’re being sarcastic,” the company said in a release.

As PCWorld.com note, the SarcMark comes in two forms: the font version (which will only be visible to other users who have downloaded the SarcMark), and the image version (which will be visible to all). The image version can be inserted into any text document by hitting the Ctrl + the period key, while the font version can be inserted by hitting the Windows key + the period key.

The SarcMark is compatible with Mac OS X (for the font version, you can hit the command key + the period key; the image version is still the Ctrl key + the period key), and various BlackBerries. The company is also currently working to make it available on other mobile platforms, such as the iPhone.


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