Skype to Get More Social?


Skype could befit massively from a move to supply VOIP to other social networks, using its vast user base as solid evidence that the service can offer the kind of scale needed.

Indeed, as pointed out by LooseWireBlog, Skype boasts more users than Twitter, Facebook and MySpace combined, which makes it, in an off-beat kind of way, the biggest social networking platform on earth. Still, the fact is that most users have opted to make an account not for the “social networking” side of things, but so that they can make phone calls on the cheap, which is always going to be a big draw.

Still, if the folks at the LooseWireBlog are anything to go by, what Skype has now could well only be the beginning. The fact that Skype has managed to hold on to so many users for so long (with many actually spending money on the service), means that Skype has the kind of staying power that many other web-based services have failed to provide. It also makes the service far more attractive for business users.

All of this fits very neatly with rumours from that surfaced around the middle of last year that Facebook was on the prowl for a solid VOIP service to partner up with in an effort to offer its users something more than the current IM arrangement. Of course, that seems not to have materialised yet, but it’s certainly curious stuff.

Of course, any arrangement that saw Skype combined with a network like Facebook has the potential to go entirely awry, but it’s still something that sounds well worth investigating. For now, it’s all just speculation, but it’s certainly interesting speculation of the highest order… whether or not anything comes of it we’ll have to wait and see.


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