Analysts Predict Massive App Spend in 2010


Industry analyst Gartner is predicting that customers will fork our somewhere in the region of $6.2 billion for mobile apps over the course of the coming year.

Perhaps most interesting is the way that those figures break down on close inspeaction. According to TGDaily, we can expect to see the total number of mobile downloads break the 4.5 billion mark at some stage this year, which would seem to indicate that a great deal of the apps being downloaded would be either free or relatively low-priced. Indeed, the research from Gartner seems to indicate that around 82% of all apps downloaded this year will be free.

It might seem as though there’s a relatively small slice of the cake left for those developing for-pay apps for mobile devices, but at the same time, a small slice of $6.2 billion could still work out quite well for anyone involved. Indeed, taking into consideration this year, the research seems to indicate the market for mobile apps seeing tremendous growth.

The estimated total number of downloaded mobile apps over the course of 2009 was in the region of 2.5 billion, so a shift to 4.5 billion is substantial indeed, and indicates a trend towards app-capable devices among a more general market.

Still, there will be those for whom the figure of 82% of all apps being downloaded being free will be a bit of a shock. It does make sense, if only for the fact that most users who download any apps at all will download a raft of free apps for every one they actually shell out cash for.

The same can be said of Amazon’s Kindle Store, where a recent chart of its “best sellers” revealed a tremendous number of free books to be floating around the top 100 books. Still, it doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone making money from the various services. Indeed, it seems as though the promise of free content attracts customers who may later purchase, which is always nice.


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