Apple to Announce New iPhone OS?


Now that Apple has properly confirmed that there’ll be an event happening on January 27th, the speculative floodgates have opened. Perhaps most interesting though, is the question of a new version of its iPhone OS.

Apple has been tight lipped about exactly what it is the event on January 27th is all about, teasing it with a fairly simple, “Come and see what we’ve been working on” styled message. According to the folks at TechCrunch, we could see a new iPhone OS unveiled at the event, which would certainly make sense, given the fact that many are expecting the long-rumoured Apple tablet to launch running some new flavour of Apple’s mobile OS.

Still, the really big piece of speculation here is that Apple could introduce the ability for apps to continue running in the background, rather than being closed as soon as the user hits the home key. It’s relatively simple, but it’s long been one of the biggest gripes about the iPhone that users can only run a single app at a time (unless, of course, you’re willing to jailbreak the device).

It’d be a major feather in the iPhone’s cap versus the plethora of Android devices that seem relatively happy to let apps run in the background already. Indeed, it seems to be one of the biggest complaints about the incarnations of iPhone OS to date that they don’t allow multiple apps to run at once. Given the move the iPhone has been making toward a more heavy-duty processor with the iPhone 3G S it seems likely that the device as it is now can do a lot more than its predecessors…

We’re only getting more curious about the Apple event as time goes on.


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