Game & Watch ‘Reissue’ a Bit of a Tease


Many of you will remember with a fair amount of fondness those handheld games with clunky black and grey graphics sold throughout the ‘80s. Small, with only one game to choose from and consistently running out of batteries – the king of the genre was Nintendo’s Game & Watch range with many innocent souls being introduced to Donkey Kong amongst other titles over these basic little fellas.

Takara’s new Game & Watch keychains are a bit of a let down

With all that nostalgia in mind, Takara – a Japanese toy firm – has decided to reissue keychain version of three Game & Watch titles. Octopus, Parachute, and Chef are solar-powered, and cost just $12 but prepare to be let down. You can enjoy the sight of a pre-programmed sequence on screen but you can’t actually play the game. Having raised our expectations in such a manner Takara need a stern talking to we feel!

As put it, what’s the point in that? Well, if you’re the vindictive type, they may make a half decent birthday present for someone you’re not overly fond of, in fact watching their frustration at the repetitive display may be worth the cash alone.


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